Foot Massage

If you’ve been anywhere near a nail salon or day spa in the last year, you may have noticed that in addition to advertising manicures, pedicures and waxing, the signs in the windows are also offering foot massages. For as little as $20, they say, you can have someone make your feet feel amazing.

There’s no doubt that a foot massage feels amazing. After all, there are seven thousand nerve endings in your feet. Did you know, though, that having your feet massaged can also improve your health? In fact, there are many benefits to having regular foot massages. Here are just a few:

  • Improved Circulation: A foot massage helps boost blood circulation, which can become more limited when you’re feeling stressful. Having your feet massaged releases the stress-induced congestion of your blood flow and helps to transport nutrition and oxygen more efficiently, and do a better job of eliminating toxins from the body.
  • Improved Relaxation: Just as a good foot massage can help reduce physical stress, it can also help ease any anxiety or emotional stress that you might feeling. Reflexology teaches us that each foot holds a pressure point that correlates with your solar plexus, which is sort of like a stockpile of all your stress. When these pressure points are stimulated by massage, the stress is released, and your mood will be calmer and more tranquil, while your body will feel more relaxed.
  • Improved Immunity: When the reflexes in your feet are manipulated by massage, and your body relaxes and lets go of stress, your immune system will actually improve. Some studies also show that regular foot massages can prevent stress-related diseases from taking over your body.
  • Improved Energy: Having your feet massaged actually increases your energy levels. Sure, it’s calming in the moment, but after having all those nerve endings palpated, you’ll find yourself feeling more alert and more energetic. This is another reflexology reaction, the theory being that foot massage releases any metaphysical blockages that prevent energy from flowing through your body.

Even with all those reasons for having a foot massage, perhaps the best reason to book an appointment is that it just feels good. Your feet will feel softer and suppler, your toes will be stretched, and all those nerve endings will be awake, and ready to go wherever you want. As a wise person once said, “Happy feet make a happy life.”

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