Couple Massages

Couple massages are one of the most popular products in the world of spa treatments. Just as the name implies, they’re a tandem massage session, where each person is having their own treatment, but in the same room. Most often, this type of massage is purchased by romantic partners, but it’s becoming more and more common to have mother-daughter massages, or for bridesmaids to have a group massage as part of the pre-wedding festivities.

It’s Better with Two
Just as with a solo massage session, each person in a couple massage gets a full-body treatment, but there are some special benefits that come by sharing the massage room.

First, couple massages are a way to deepen the relationship between partners. There’s something very open and vulnerable about lying nude on a massage table, covered only with a soft cotton sheet. Add the low lights, soft music, and either incense or essential oils, and the mood shifts to one where trust and openness flow like water. As well, most couple massages are set up so that the couple can hold hands during their session.

Second, if one member of the couple is nervous about having a massage, that anxiety is eased by having someone to share the experience with. Knowing that they are not alone can help a massage newbie relax and enjoy the experience, without worrying that they’re doing something “wrong,” or that any part of a treatment isn’t “normal.”

Finally, one couple massage is typically less expensive than two separate sessions. For example, if the usual price for a massage is $75, a couple massage might only cost $125, though, obviously, saving money should be the last reason for choosing a couple massage.

The Downside of Couple Massage
As wonderful and intimate as a couple massage can be, there are a few downsides, and the most significant one is talking. Some people prefer to spend their massage session in silence, letting their mind wander, or even relaxing into almost-sleep. Others are quite chatty. If one partner is a silent massage enthusiast while the other prefers to converse, a couple massage may not be a good choice.

Who Offers Couple Massages
Almost every reputable massage therapist offers some form of couple massage. Chains like Massage Envy often offer special “Valentine’s Day” and “Anniversary” specials, as do the therapists who work with boutique hotels.

Whether you want to share a relaxing experience, mark a special occasion, or just use massage as a way to spend extra time with your spouse or partner, couple massages are an excellent choice at a reasonable cost.

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