Xenical is a product for the weight loss, of the Swiss origin the main active action of which is the inhibition of the fat uptake. This effect is gained due to the active component orlistat.




Xenical blocks the process of the fat split, preventing their uptake, and the non-split fats are excreted outwardly with stool. As a result, the quantity of the coming in the body fats is reduced, and the process of the expenditure of the “supplies” is started, and you lose weight gradually! Xenical is not absorbed by the blood, is not accumulated in the body, does not provide the harmful effect to the brain, heart, and other organs. Xenical does not interact with other drugs. The drug may be used for a long time, and it will not cause the addiction.
But remember that Xenical is a medical product, and therefore it has side effects, and it is needed to take it into account before the purchase of Xenical online. Before buying Xenical online it is necessary to read the contraindications and the side effects, and all precautions must be followed during the treatment.
It is needed to take into account that the frequency and intensity of the side effects are increased in case of the high content of fats in food. In case of the reduction of the fat content in the food the probability of the appearance of the side effects is reduced. It is explained – the main potential side effects from the side of the gastro-intestinal tract are related to the action mechanism of the drug. The more fats you consume, the more complicated it will be for Xenical to process it, so that you load the organs of the digestion.
Oftentimes, patients face the following side effects: oily discharge from the straight intestine, flatulence, frequent defecation, light painful sensations in the stomach, metallic taste in the mouth, and headache.
Xenical does not allow fats to be absorbed in the body, and therefore many fat-soluble vitamins which reach the body with food are not taken, and also excreted. Due to this, the patient may develop deficit of the fat-soluble vitamins during the prolonged use of Xenical and the following reactions: allergy, acne, etc.
Therefore, it is necessary to increase the quantity of vitamins consumed with the help of the medical supplements while taking Xenical. They are easier and faster taken in the body, and therefore they better work in the use of Xenical.

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