Topamax is an anticonvulsant medical product which reduces the nervous excitement, relaxes the central nervous system, removes spasms, and attendant dysfunctions related to the disorder of the central nervous system.




This medicine is actively used in medicine but it is necessary to read the instruction for the use before buying Topamax. If Topamax is used without prescription, without following the dosage regimen, frequency of the use and other important recommendations, the patient may face the unpleasant side reactions.
If you want to buy Topamax online, you may read the instruction for the use directly on the website of the pharmacy. The pharmacist of the online pharmacy will help you to quickly sort out the pharmacological properties of the drug. To do it, you may contact by e-mail, or by phone. If you decided to buy Topamax in the city pharmacy, you will need the doctor’s prescription, and therefore it is necessary to consult a medical specialist preliminarily.
If the patient experiences the epileptic attacks, it is needed to start the use of Topamax as quick as possible. The treatment is started from the minimal dose of 50 mg per day. the tablet is taken orally at night, before going to bed, with a full glass of water.
In 3-4 days, the dose may be increased by 50 mg and then up to 200-400 mg per day. it is the optimal dosage regimen which works for most patients with epilepsy.
The maximal dose of Topamax 400 mg should be divided into 2 uses (1 tablet of Topamax 200 mg in the morning and evening). Adult patient may take Topamax in combination with other anticonvulsive drugs but the dosage of both drugs should be reduced in order to reduce the load to the kidneys and liver. The dose should not increase 50 mg in patients with the dysfunction of kidneys or liver.
Children under 2 years old are not prescribed Topamax. Topamax may be used in the dose not increasing 50 mg per day from the age of 2 to 10 years.
Another positive property of Topamax is the inhibition of the migraine symptoms. It does not act as the analgesic but it may reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks and weaken the intensity of prodrome and other symptoms.
In case of migraine, Topamax is used 100 mg 2 times per day. it is also possible to take Topamax within a week, 25 mg once per day, before sleeping.
Pregnant women must refrain from the use of Topamax. The use of this drug during pregnancy is possible only be the prescription of the experienced doctor who has the experience of the use of the drug by the pregnant women.

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