Before you order Soma online, make sure that you have read the instructions to the drug and have no contraindications to it. If you want to buy Soma, but you are not sure about this medication you can consult with a pharmacist online.


However online consultation does not give you the opportunity to be completely confident in the safety of Soma without a prescription, but you will be able to understand whether or not to take this medicine, or if your diagnosis need another drug.
Soma is used in medicine as a muscle relaxant. This drug acts on the brain by blocking nerve impulses and excitability of some receptors, which cause muscle spasms and convulsions. In addition to relaxation of muscles, Soma has a slight anesthetic effect, which makes it easier to relax and try to forget about the injury.
It is important to remember that Soma is not just an anesthetic and muscle relaxant, so you need to take special precautions not to provoke adverse reactions.
Many patients neglect the dosing regimen and it leads to the development of physical and psychological dependence. It develops very quickly and quietly. The patient does not understand that he had become dependent on daily usage of Soma. To avoid this, do not take more than 1.5 grams of Soma per day; take a break for one week each month. In this mode, the efficiency of Soma does not decreased and the risk of dependency will be minimal.
Soma may cause drowsiness, so if you start taking this medicine, trynot to take part in particularly hazardous activities that are associated with high concentration or requiring rapid psychomotor reactions during first 10 days. After 10-14 days, the effect will pass and you will feel more confident as well as the central nervous system can get used to the action of Soma.
Despite the fact that pregnant women have muscle cramps more often, taking Soma is not recommended. The active ingredients of the drug cross the placental barrier and can harm the fetus. Active drug components of the drug can penetrate even into breast milk, so if you care about your child, give up breastfeeding while taking Carisoprodol.
Taking Soma in high dosage is a big mistake in patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction. For these patients, it is recommended to take a dose, twice less than it is prescribed to the regular patients. This is because the Soma excreted by the kidneys and liver and partial functionality of these organs may lead to accumulation of the active substances in the organism that may lead to side effects.

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