Norvasc is a medication from the group of medications known as calcium channel blockers. This medication can у used for relaxing blood vessels to improve blood flow.




This medication may be prescribed for the treatment of such conditions as hypertension, angina and other conditions. This medication should be only used by people who have been recommended with it by their healthcare providers. You will find out the right dosage of this medication from your healthcare provider and you should also take what is prescribed for you.
Before you start taking this medication, you should take to attention that in some cases this medication should not be used very carefully or not used at all. Thus, you should inform your healthcare provider about any problem with health that you may have, including liver disease, congestive heart failure and others. When you use this medication, you should not use alcohol as it may lead to dramatic increasing of your blood pressure.
If you have a constant problem with high blood pressure, you may be recommended to use this medication even when you feel fine, just to prevent such condition. To get a better effect, you may also be recommended to use other methods of treatment along with this medication. If you have allergy to this medication, you should not use it anymore.
Notvasc, when combined with some other medication may cause drug interaction. There are different medications that you should avoid to use then using Norvasc. There are different levels of severity of drug interaction: major, moderate and minor. There are 470 medications known to interact with Norvasc and you should avoid the use of all of them, although only 11 of them are able to cause major interaction. 392 medications out of 470 are able to lead to moderate interaction and other 67 medication may cause minor interaction.
If you need to use some medication at the same time you use Norvasc, you should advice on that with our healthcare provider. If you have a need to buy medications, you can use an opportunity to buy Norvasc online. You will only need to use the Internet for this. By making a simply search, you will find different online provider to buy Norvasc online from a good price. Also, you can pay for you offer by using different payment options.

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