The use of tetracyclines in particular Doxycycline in children of juniority has been prohibited for a long time because of the potential danger of the leisure of enamel.




Lately, the correlation estimation of benefit/risk for tetracycline in pediatry has been reconsidered for some infections, and the indications for the use of these antibiotics, Doxycycline first, were significantly expanded in children.
It is explained that tetracycline is the most active antibiotic for wide range of the infections, and the potential side effects of the alternative drugs proved themselves as the products for children of juniority are significantly serious than the cosmetic defect from the side of teeth caused by tetracycline.
Doxycycline is used in pediatry to treat chlamydia, infections of the respiratory tract and HENT, and infections of the gastro-intestinal tract.
The choice in favor of Doxycycline is explained that this antibiotic is more effective as a product of the first therapy in most cases. It maximally quickly and effectively bonds with RNA of the cell and destroys all peptide chains, so that bacteria do not get enough protein and cannot develop.
Doxycycline well penetrates into tissues, liquids of the body, is quickly accumulated in the places of the development of the infection and inflammatory. It is also very important that Doxycycline has a prolonged half-life due to which it is possible to take the tablet just once or 2 times per day, not often.
If Doxycycline was not prescribed children under 9 years old 5-10 years ago explaining it the destruction of enamel, now the new clinical studies give a new life of this antibiotic. The matter is that most infections of the respiratory tracts in children often develop because of the proportion of the intracellular causative agents (chlamydia and mycoplasma) which Doxycycline copes well with.
Moreover, neglecting Doxycycline antibiotic allows to increase the sensitivity of some causative agents to this drug while the resistance of bacteria is increased during the use of macrolide or penicillin.
Therefore, if the doctor recommended you to buy Doxycycline for your child, do not refuse from this drug. The destruction and darkening of enamel is possible in case of the prolonged use of Doxycycline. Usually, the use of Doxycycline without prescription is made within 5-7 days within of which the side effects are hardly probable.
You may find out more about Doxycycline online reading many medical forums where this medicines is actively used in pediatry, and the results of the treatment surpasses all expectations.

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