Clonazepam is a medical product for the treatment of epilepsy in adults and children. This active component is used in many advanced antiepileptic drugs.


Due to the broad pharmacological activity Clonazepam may be used as the main or additional component during the prophylaxis of phobia, manic disorders, and reactive psychosis. But the main destination of this drug is that it effectively reduces the frequency of the epileptic attacks and relieves the epilepsy symptoms.
Clonazepam is like tranquilizer, provides calming, relaxing, and anticonvulsive action. It is ineffective as soporific because it mainly acts to the muscle tissue and the central nervous impulses preventing the muscle spasms. The pharmacological action of Clonazepam consists in the reduction of the activity of some structures of the brain which arouse the central nervous system. It’s tops some reflexes which stimulate spasms. The calming effect is gained by the action to some chemical structures of the brain, so that the feeling of fear and anxiety is reduced. The patient feels more concentrated, protected, and stops feeling the regular tension and fear.
As many drugs from the group of tranquilizers Klonopin has contraindications and side effects. Patients with ataxia, severe diseases of liver, chronic respiratory failure should carefully take this drug especially in the stage of the acute worsening, with episodes of the night apnea.
During the prolonged use of Clonazepam in children it is needed to take into account the probability of the side action to the physical and mental development which may not appear within many years.
It is very important to follow the dosage and sensitivity of the patient to Klonopin. If the use of the common dose does not cause the improvement, it is the first sign of the addiction development. It is necessary to terminate the use of the tablets and consult a doctor. Often, patients do not feel the development of the addiction and start taking more and more tablets as a result of which they cannot refuse from the medicine, and the epilepsy symptoms and psychosis are increased.
Buying Clonazepam in the city pharmacy you may be asked a prescription. It is prescribed by a physician but it has the expiration date which is usually 14 days. If the expiration date of Clonazepam prescription is over, you will not be able to buy the medicine. If it happened, do not be upset. You may buy Clonazepam without prescription in online pharmacy. It is completely legal and safe. So you do not need to go to the physician every time, and ask for a prescription.

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