Insomnia can occur in healthy individuals in case of fatigue overexcitation of nervous system; the diagnosis can be independent and may even be a symptom of another disease. Insomnia can be evident in full or partial lack of sleep.


The decision to use Ambien sleeping pills or any other patient must be taken, depending on how much patient feels the drop in energy and tension due to sleep disorders. Ambien is strong medication of sleeping pills with a relaxing effect. This drug acts not only on the brain center, making receptors that respond to sleep work better, but also has a general relaxing, sedative and anticonvulsant effect.
Due to the strong central action, Ambien should not be taken for a long time and you should not treatinsomnia with regular courses. But how often can you take sleeping pills in order not to harm the central nervous system and not to disturb the natural processes in the body?
As a result of prolonged use of Ambien, a person reduces the production of melatonin – a hormone of circadian rhythms and sleep. As a result, the patient feels that it is easier to fall asleep, it improves the quality of sleep, and nightmares are faded, the duration of deep sleep phase is increased. But after 1-2 weeks, there is a recurrence of insomnia and a person can not to fall asleep again. Even one pill Ambien can be ineffective and dose must be constantly increased.
If you prefer to take Ambien for treatment of insomnia, do not neglect the dosing regimen. Adult patients with a healthy central nervous systemcan take Ambien for 5-7 days to restore a normal sleep cycle. Thereafter, it is necessary to cancel the treatment for 2-3 weeks. During this time, you will appreciate the results of therapy and see how the quality of sleep is improved.
The optimal frequency of usage of Zolpidem sleeping pills and other similar is 1 week for a month. If it was not enough, try a longer course – 10 days, but after that, the interval between treatments should be longer. The more rest you give your central nervous system and relax the body to produce its own hormones, the better your health will be.
Even if you could buy Ambien without a prescription, contact your doctor or pharmacist to find out what to do if, after receiving Ambien without a prescription, you cannot fall asleep or wake up frequently during the night. Health workers understand the problem of insomnia and make recommendations very quickly.

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